Portable RV Water Softener

Our convenient RV water softener portable device is safe and effective enough to handle various applications. You can use it in your RV or trailer to soften the water used to bathe, but it also comes in handy for use on marinas and boats, spas, mobile car washing, and pressure washing! Use our portable softener as often as you’d like to combat the struggle of dealing with hard water.

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Our customers love us

"The first thing he used this for was our RV and it made a huge difference. It made it much easier to wash and dry and it sparkles like new. It’s rather heavy so he took some bungy cords and strapped it to an old dolly that he wasn’t using. Now he can wheel it the driveway whenever he needs it."

- Gadget Girl

"Perfect for outdoor water use

Highly recommend! Easy to use and doesn’t decrease the water pressure!"

- Mike Vandergrift

"This one is a Black Fiberglass tank with a bright orange neoprene protective cover which I have never seen on any other softener. It also comes with quite a few accessory fittings & a lead hose."

- Mcgyver210


16,000 Grain, 3/4" GHT Fittings

INSTANT SOFT WATER - The portable water softener is easy to set up within seconds. It has a sturdy vessel and base, offering the durability and dependability you want and need. It regenerates in as little as 30 minutes and is ready to use within four to six minutes, quickly providing 40% softer water than before. Backed by a lifetime limited warranty and made with NSF certified food-grade premium resin, the water softener is designed to last while making the hard water softer.